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I’m Josh Youngblood. I am a practicing tax professional (Enrolled Agent, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, and NTPI Fellow) with a passion for technology since the age of 14. I spent 20+ years in technology before entering the tax profession. I enjoy working with taxpayers all across the country. My Dallas, Texas based firm (The Youngblood Group, LLC) handles a variety of tax preparation, planning, and representation engagements.

I believe technology can be our greatest asset in business and a major liability if not done correctly. I will explore many tech topics and answer questions from subscribers.

I am unsponsored and uncensored. If I recommend a tech product or service, it is either because I have used it or I currently use it. I enjoy educating others, being on panels, and speaking to groups when possible. In addition to tech and tax - I LOVE to travel.

I am active on X (formerly known as Twitter) -

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